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Traffic routes


Address: Yuejiang Road, Guangzhou, China, 380


Departure via Hong Kong Railway

Hong Kong intercity passenger rail service

Phone: (852) 29477888

Duration: about 1 hour 45 minutes

Cost: $ 230 per person / one-way (PL)

HK 190 yuan per person / one-way (first class / standards, etc.)

Point: Hong Kong Hung Hom Station (train ride Guangdong)

Placement: Guangzhou East Station, then take a taxi (about 20 minutes) or the metro (about 20 minutes) to the exhibition hall


From Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong Travel Tours Transportation Development Co., Ltd.

Phone: (852) 22612472

Duration: about 4 hours

Cost: $ 250 per person / one-way

Point: Hong Kong International Airport Arrival Hall China Travel Service Counter (A04, A10, B05a, C01, C10)

Placement: in Guangzhou "China Hotel" stop, and then take a taxi (20 minutes) or underground (Park Station) to the exhibition hall

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