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APT Electronics Co., Limited was founded in August, 2006 in Nansha, Guangzhou. APT with a registered capital of 411 million RMB. APT possesses an area of 35,000 square meters as manufacturing plants and research and development base. It aims to accomplish an LED extension with LED chips and module manufacture; and LED light production line, so as to establish an advanced large-scale LED industry chain. Dr. Xiao, founder and leader of APT, was recruited as global expert by the 'Recruitment Program of Global Experts' , which is organized by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee. Under the leadership of Dr. Xiao, APT becomes a new strategical key enterprise, as well as one of the first batch of "100 talents plan" innovating enterprises in Guangdong. As a core company in the Up-steam of LED industry chain, APT has developed and mass produced HP LED chips and devices, with independent IP . APT acquired many honors and awards, including Hong Kong Technological Achievement award 2011; Semi China Industry Award 2012. Five series of LED products have been authorized as the independent innovation brand of high and new technology of Guangdong Province. In the high technology area, APT becomes a successful model of cooperation among the enterprises, universities and research institutes locating in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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